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Are you ready to experience
your next metamorphosis?

If there’s one thing I believe, it’s that you and I have a core essence. Beyond the horizons of our fears, doubts, and limiting beliefs… There lies a part of ourselves that is purely connected to Soul and Spirit. This is where the fruits of our limitlessness reside!

Similar to Michelangelo who chipped away at a block of marble to create marvelous sculptures… We each have the opportunity to peel back our layers and return to the essence of who we are.

One of my soul’s missions is to support people on this life-long journey. I’m devoted to creating safe and sacred spaces to love, support, uplift, and in many cases, capture people as they deepen in their soul’s embodiment.

I’m so excited to get to know you and see how our paths align!


Metamorphosis Photography

A transformational photography experience to not only capture stunning photos of you, but to evoke your truest essence.

Metamorphosis Mentorship

One-off sessions and long-term mentorship for you to receive love, support, and clarity in the next step of your soul’s evolution.

Transformational Immersions

A customized immersion for you to have a local, intimate, and transformative experience with the land on Maui.


Online and in-person women’s circles for you to deeply connect within yourself and with like-hearted sisters from around the world.

The ultimate journey is the journey
back home to ourselves


Tatiana Jessen

Your Transformational Photographer, Mentor & Facilitator

Aloha! My name is Tatiana and I’m writing this from the beautiful island of Maui, Hawaii. Since I was a child with the nickname “tornado”, I’ve always had an insatiable desire to live. I searched for wildlife in my backyard, grappled the boys in karate, and swam like a fish in the sea until my suburban town felt too confining for my wild spirit. 

After many tug-a-war conversations, I received my parent’s blessing to travel the world at 17-years old. From the salt flats of Bolivia to the rivers of Madagascar, I discovered a new part of myself in every corner of the world. My real schooling happened in between those high school and college holidays. 

Once my eyes opened in 2016, my outer explorations turned inwards. I became whole-heartedly devoted to the healing path. Spirit led me far and wide, finding the edges of my Self through bouts of ego death, anxiety, depression, sobriety, isolation, celibacy, and so much more. As my spirit strengthened over the years, it became utterly clear that I was meant to support others in their healing path as well. My box of treasured tools were ready to be shared. 

Ever since, I’ve supported hundreds of men and women through my transformational photography, mentorship, ceremonies, circles, and more. It’s been the greatest gift to help them unlock and unleash their truest essence into the world. If there’s anything I’ve learned, it’s that the world is ready for more people to live with their hearts on fire. My triple Sagittarius self is certainly here to support in that process!


Why Metamorphosis?

Since I was a young child, visiting the butterfly museum on weekends with my dad, I’ve always had a fascination for butterflies. It later became clear that they were not only a sign of my Hawaiian grandmother who transitioned before I was born, but that they hold a major key in my service to the world.

The butterfly has been one of my greatest spiritual teachers. Through years of observation, I’ve seen how closely our evolution follows a similar caterpillar, cocoon, butterfly cycle. 

This has taught me to honor each and every stage of our personal metamorphosis. If we only focus on one stage or rush from one stage to another, we miss the full spectrum of healing available to us. 

Whether it’s in a photoshoot or a circle, I incorporate the butterfly’s teachings into all of my offerings. I deeply respect the stage of transformation my clients are in and ensure that together, we honor everything from the shadows of the cocoon to the light of the butterfly. By doing this, I find that true, long-lasting change can occur.

If we work together, I’m sure you’ll feel the butterfly, and possibly my grandmother, grace us with their unforgettable presence!


“Tatiana is a Divine soul who uses the camera as a healing modality like no one else on this planet.”


Subconscious Mind Specialist
Belleville | New Jersey

"Every single woman in the world deserves to see herself as the Queen that she is and that is what Tatiana does with her incredible talent."


Divine Feminine
Empowerment Guide
Los Angeles | California

"Anyone who’s feeling the call to do a transformational photoshoot to step into who they really are will feel so supported and surprised by Tatiana."


Spiritual Mentor
Tulum | Mexico

"I've had a lot of photoshoots in my life and Tatiana is unique because she's embodied and gets the medicine of this work."


Women's Intimacy Coach
Bali | Indonesia


Metamorphosis Photography

This is for you if you desire to be captured, celebrated, and initiated in your truest essence.

Transformational photography came to me in an out-of-body experience in 2019 and has been a core pillar of my life’s work ever since. In this offering, I combine photography, healing, and mentorship in a way that isn’t being done elsewhere. You’ll not only receive stunning photos of yourself, but experience the potent medicine of the camera. Throughout our journey, my camera and I will be seeing, loving, and uplifting you in all of your glory. Over 150 people have experienced this offering and many of them have shared that this was the most life-changing experience they’ve ever had. Plus, you can use these photos for your offerings, social media, website, and whatever your heart desires. Join me in this initiation into the heart of your unique essence!

Metamorphosis Mentorship

This is for you if you desire to receive love, support, and clarity in the next step of your soul’s evolution.

“You are your own medicine” is the guiding principle of my mentorship. This offering is designed to unlock and unleash what’s already within you. In my sessions, I blend somatic work with energy work, while adding a sprinkle of mentorship on top. Through the guidance of Spirit, we’ll journey exactly where we’re meant to go. We’ll work with the infinite intelligence of your mind, body, nervous system, aura and spirit. It may look like journeying with your inner child, clearing your energetic blockages, channeling messages from your Spirit team, or more. Above all else, this is your safe, sacred, and nurturing space to authentically be yourself. My hope is that you receive all the clarity you need to move forward with lightness on your soul’s path!

Transformational Immersions

This is for you if you desire a local, intimate, and transformative experience with the land on Maui that's customized to you.

This offering comes straight from my partner and I’s hearts. My partner is born and raised on Maui and I’m a quarter Hawaiian. Through our deep connection with the land on Maui, we’ve been called to open the doors for others to experience the same. In these immersions, we create an experience that’s completely customized to you, your desires, and your intentions. This can look like everything from a simple hike to a multi-day retreat. We’ll be giving you the local experience, between taking you to local spots to cooking you local food. Plus, we love using this as an educational opportunity around how we can transform our relationship with tourism and connect, interact with, and respect the land. This is your chance to intimately connect with Maui and all she wants to reveal with you!

Women's Circles

This is for you if you desire to deeply connect within yourself and with like-hearted sisters from around the world.

There came a point on my healing journey when I remembered that it isn’t meant to be walked alone. My in-person and online circles are designed to bring soul-aligned women together from around the world. Every month, we’ll be covering a new theme and following a new journey to deepen in our connection within ourselves and one another. You can expect everything from heart-centered shares to embodied practices, like EFT tapping, sensual movement, guided visualization, and more. Plus, I love to throw in a few special surprises on top, like a cacao ceremony or a guest teacher. You can think of these circles as your 2-hour monthly reset of feminine love, support, and celebration!


Transformational Self-Paced Resources

Welcome to your library of self-paced transformational resources! You’ll find everything from previous circles, guided meditations, informative masterclasses, and more. Enjoy these affordable tools to embody more of your true essence from the comforts of your own home! 



Before my Metamorphosis Photoshoot, I was dealing with extreme insecurity about my appearance. I removed my breast implants 5 weeks prior. I had been dealing with skin issues that led to deep insecurities. Even though I had been modeling professionally for 11 years, I felt like I lost touch with my radiance and confidence and I felt awkward in my body without the implants.

Tatiana was so supportive throughout the entire process and saw something I hadn’t yet seen in myself. During the ceremony, I moved through stagnant layers that I didn’t even realize were keeping my radiance and expression captive. By the time we were taking the photos, I began to connect with parts of me I thought I had lost touch with. I truly felt myself for the first time in years.

NATALIE | TEXAS Metamorphosis Photography Client

Once I saw my photos, I was overcome by tears. Tatiana captured my radiance that I truly thought I lost. The photos gave me access to deeply witness my beauty and my core essence. These photos quite literally brought me back to life and gave me pep in my step that transmitted to all areas of my life.

This not even counting the up level the photos brought to my business. Shortly after, I had my most successful business launch and I know it’s because of the healing power of imagery that Tatiana captured. This is the power of gaining new perspective and seeing yourself as other see you and as your higher self sees you.

My overall Metamorphosis Photoshoot experience was seamless, easeful, and just plain wonderful. Tatiana LOVES what she does and held space for me in such a rock solid way. I’ve never had a photoshoot like this before, let alone an experience!

My experience with the photoshoot had me feeling like a goddess and I was so comfortable in front of the camera - a whole new level I had never felt before!

The entire experience was amazing! It’s hard to pick just one thing that stood out because the photoshoot was SO fun and creative! Tatiana’s energy and love for what she does oozes from within and is contagious. She really captured my TRUE essence!

I’ve experienced so many changes since, but the ones I noticed the MOST have been an increase in my confidence and establishing practices to continue to fill my self-confidence cup. Another one is seeing myself and others through Source’s eyes, with unconditional love, adoration, and reverence.

KYLAH | TEXAS Metamorphosis Photography Client

I had the privilege of connecting with Tatiana through a mentorship call and I cannot recommend her enough. Tatiana provides a safe and nurturing environment that enables you to tune into your authentic self and unlock the answers that lie within you.

What sets Tatiana apart is her ability to create a vivid picture through her visualization techniques, allowing you to drop in and see the images come to life. She offered valuable tips to enhance the experience and helped me come to my own conclusions in a space that felt supported and secure.

The call ended with a grounding energy and inspiration that lasted for days to come. Tatiana's level of support and care left a lasting impact on me. I highly recommend working with her and that light she shines on all those around her, as she highlights the light inside of you.

ALYSON | HAWAII Metamorphosis Mentorship Client

Wowow my photoshoot with Tatiana was more magical and transformative than I could have ever imagined. The whole experience was everything I was hoping for and more. Her process is so intentional and caring and she made me feel supported, natural, and seen every step of the way. I tend to be nervous in front of a camera and this was my first photoshoot… but with her guidance and grounding energy, I was able to open up like never before. Plus, I am blown away by the final photos and how effortlessly she captured my essence. Tatiana is a true artist and I can’t wait to work with her again!

KARA | CALIFORNIA Metamorphosis Photography Client

Tatiana is such a warm, heart-centered, and supportive guide who really has a gift of holding space for others' process in a loving and fully present way. It is rare for me to be able to feel my feelings and be willing to look at my 'stuff' with practitioners and I felt comfortable here to allow whatever happened, believing that she didn't have an agenda and that she would hold me in my light regardless of my experience. I'm so grateful I had the opportunity to be held in this healing space by her!

SARA | NEW JERSEY Metamorphosis Mentorship Client

A Metamorphosis Photoshoot with Tatiana is unlike any other photoshoot experience. I mean wow, what a gift this offering is that I would highly recommend it to any woman wanting to see herself in her profound light and beauty.

First off, the embodiment process that Tatiana takes you through is an epic experience of releasing the old to make way for the new. I am very particular about who I let hold space for me, but Tatiana has held me through my process with such strength and grace.

The photoshoot itself was probably the most fun I’ve had being captured. Because of the process beforehand, I felt so at ease, dancing, laughing and playing that the pictures came out in a way that I had not seen myself before.

This is a beautiful experience that I would book first chance you get. It's so good I just booked my second one!

XANDRINE | PHILLIPINES Metamorphosis Photography Client

My time with Tatiana was beyond supportive.

I was able to express myself authentically, because her aura is so bright that it creates a pure strong container for freedom of expression.

We dove deep into portals and with her guidance I was able to tap into the clarity I was looking to feel.

Her recommendations were very aligned with my highest path. She is pure magic. A sweet sovereign soul.

The way she shows truly shows how much she cares for the wellbeing of her client and the collective.

I am excited to work with Tatiana in the future and keep diving deep into my own self.

DAIANA | HAWAII Metamorphosis Mentorship Client

Quite by accident, whilst in Tulum, Mexico, I stumbled upon Tatiana - such a beautiful soul and talented photographer who uses her camera as medicine. I felt inspired to book her for a Metamorphosis Photoshoot - a treat to myself, ‘something different’, a celebration, an embracing of this time, my adventure, my journey. I’m tired of being critical of myself and hiding away. I’m tired of waiting for ‘this’ or ‘that’ to feel worthy or enough. It’s taken getting to my 40s to think - what are you waiting for, enjoy this version of you, you are enough! Thank you Tatiana! I came out of my comfort zone and you made me feel safe, happy, relaxed, and like a Queen. You cured my fear of the camera! Tatiana, you have found your calling!

COBI | UNITED KINGDOM Metamorphosis Photography Client

Working with Tatiana was a powerful experience. From the very first session, I felt a deep sense of trust and connection with her. She listened intently, held space in a really beautiful way, and helped me gain clarity and understanding around something Iʻd been struggling with for a long time. Her guidance helped me look at and reframe limiting beliefs and emotional blocks that were holding me back. Through her gentle yet powerful approach, she helped me tap into my own inner wisdom and intuition and guided me toward rewriting an old story which gave me a new perspective. I used the tools she provided to find a deeper sense of connection to my authentic self. Overall, I feel more centered, grounded, and confident. I would highly recommend Tatiana to anyone who is seeking guidance, support, and a deeper connection with their inner self. She is truly gifted in her work.

HAVILAH | HAWAII Metamorphosis Mentorship Client

I signed up for the Metamorphosis Photoshoot with Tatiana because I was intrigued by her kind and powerful spirit and curious what this offering was all about. I received much more than the photos and the photos were the best ever taken of me - capturing my vulnerability, heart, and soul. She had a good balance of listening, following, and bringing in helpful guidance. I could feel the prayer behind it all. The experience itself was healing and insightful. It helped me to know myself a little better.

HEATHER | WASHINGTON Metamorphosis Photography Client

Working with Tatiana was profound and deep. I felt so safe with her to open up fully and drop into the deep space within where true awareness and healing can occur. As a somatic practitioner myself, I am well versed in tapping into my body's wisdom -- but with Tatiana's loving guidance I was able to go EVEN DEEPER into what I had been working through and receive the breakthrough I'd been looking for! She is a true healer with such a kind heart and welcoming presence. If you are on the edge, take the leap. Working with Tatiana will be an experience you'll never regret!

LAUREN | PENNSYLVANIA Metamorphosis Mentorship Client

I loved the Metamorphosis Photoshoot experience with Tatiana. I was a little bit worried and shy, as there where some people around while we did the shooting, but Tatiana does everything with so much ease and grace that it went perfectly well. She actually puts you in a safe and beautiful container where you can express yourself fully. That is very rare. I felt that she really got through her lens who I really am. The photos where amazing. I would love to repeat the experience next time I am in Tulum. She is an amazing being of light and love who see who you really are.

LISA | MEXICO Metamorphosis Photography Client

Working with Tatiana is a treat. Her grounded presence has allowed me to feel safe in exploring areas that I needed support in within my expression. Her intuitive approach & guidance around my embodiment has allowed me to breakthrough certain self imposed limitations. Working with her has led me to feel liberated, empowered and excited to take action. There’s something about Tatiana’s energy that has allowed me to go deep fast, and for that I so appreciate her and her work. I highly recommend her as an amazing mentor & space holder.

XANDRINE | PHILLIPINES Metamorphosis Mentorship Client

The quality of presence that Tatiana brought to our interaction before, during, and after our Metamorphosis Photoshoot was unlike anything I could have imagined before experiencing it. Her guided meditation as we began brought me to a place of love, acceptance, and curiosity. The resulting images communicate “me” in ways that no other photographer has captured.

KRIS | OREGON Metamorphosis Photography Client

As a healer myself, I go through most of my processes alone, but Tatiana’s support was crucial when I was going through something I couldn’t hold myself. Her loving presence, intuitive guidance, and skillful tools allowed a deep understanding, healing, and integration of different parts of myself. After the session, I could only say WOW with tears of gratitude and joy! I recommend her support, even when you don’t know what exactly you need. She will meet it and allow what is for your highest good and deepest healing to come through.

VANJA | SERBIA Metamorphosis Mentorship Client

Recently, I went through an incredibly beautiful photoshoot experience with one of the brightest shining souls I have met since I came to Mexico - Tatiana. The positivity and high vibes that are radiating from her are just awe-inspiring. Thank you for holding space in the sublime way you do and capturing my light and energy on camera! I will forever cherish what we have created together!

DILAY | TURKEY Metamorphosis Photography Client

I recently had a mentorship call with Tatiana and it was so refreshing. I felt comfortable and able to express myself in a safe space. She provides some recommendations before the call, which I could totally suggest you to follow. I came to her since I was feeling unclear about some steps I was postponing in my business and some inner voices blocking me to see a greater picture related to a personal aspect of my life. After the call with Tatiana, these shadows and heavy thoughts were no longer blinding my mind. I felt so light and happy.

ANEL | MEXICO Metamorphosis Mentorship Client

Tatiana is a true goddess. Working with her is akin to a mystical experience. The moment is captured and the soul is elevated. Being in front of her camera was such a special and sacred journey.

ELSA | NEW YORK Metamorphosis Photography Client

Tatiana held a beautiful, safe, & sacred space for our session and I felt seen, connected, and guided every step of the way. We did energy work to clear distortions in the field for my course's launch and created a template for taking action from a space of giving, trust, and devotion. I feel so much calmer moving forward with my offering.

KRISTEN | CALIFORNIA Metamorphosis Mentorship Client

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